Useful Contacts for Shipping and Exporting from the UK

Who can help me ship and export my goods?

International Export packers can help with all of your packing, shipping and exporting needs but there is also a wide range of support services to help UK exporters to tackle most of the issues and challenges they are likely to face, helping them to become established in International markets. The following are […]

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Car shipping, packing, and exporting – Anywhere!

At International Export Packers we can take the hassle out of  shipping your car anywhere in the world for you! International leaders in car shipping, packing and exporting, supporting you every step of the way. This is an example of one of our clients, Triking sports cars Ltd.  Contact our friendly, expert team to discuss where we can send yours.

Triking Sports […]

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We can pack and send anything, anywhere.

At International Export Packers we can pack and send anything from the smallest, most delicate of items to the heaviest, biggest loads permitted. Our packing experts will assess and advise you on the best way of minimizing the size of the package, enabling you, the client,  to keep the shipping costs down and  reduce the carbon footprint.
Equipped with multiple cranes that […]

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