Drag-Chain Case Study


Project Description

Sometimes items can be too large to move to our depot for packing, costing the manufacturer too much money. Because of this, we allow our clients to build their items in our yard or warehouses where we will then pack and ship it off to its final destination.

This drag-chain is a prime example. It was built in our yard to save our client money, packed by our team and then shipped overseas. The image attached shows the drag-chain at the docks where it was being made ready for boarding the MSC Renée.

Before transit, our team secured a net over the drag-chain to prevent anything from getting inside the chain. It was then secured to a wafer thin, super low-loader with straps and sent to the docks.

  • Skills:

    • Packing
    • Loading / Securing
    • Transportation
  • Client:

    Leading manufacturer of Drag-Chains for the Oil & Gas industry, UK