Kit Car Case Study

This is how we pack a Kit Car...

Project Description

We lift the car onto the base, taking all precautions not to scratch or damage it in any way. Blocks are layered in foam and then used to block both the front and back wheels to prevent any movement in transit. The foam prevents any wear and tear to the tires.

Banding is then threaded through the wheels and the base and tightened to further prevent any movement, and to hold the car down to the base. Bubble wrap is placed over the car to protect the shell and then poly-draping is used to cover the car to protect it from the weather.

The car is then loaded onto a wagon and shipped out to the end user.

  • Skills:

    • Design
    • Manufacturing
    • Packing & Securing
    • Shipping
  • Client:

    Kit Car Manufacturer, UK