Motorbike Export Case Study

Exporting Motorbikes

Project Description

After lifting this superbike onto its base, our team blocked the wheels out with foam layered blocks. The foam on the blocks prevents any wear and tear whilst the bike is in transit.

Once the wheels are firmly prevented from moving, the bike is strapped down with 4 straps. The straps further secure the bike to the base ensuring there is no movement during transit, and protecting it in the event of an accident.

For example; if the case was to be turned on to its side or upside down the bike would remain secured to the base, protecting it against most odds.

Grabs are then nailed to the top of the case which prevents it from being squashed. The grabs also allow for stacking of other reasonably weighted cases.

The lid is then nailed to the top of the case and tarpaulin tacked over the top, secured by plywood strips. The tarpaulin helps prevent any water damage to the motorbike.

  • Skills:

    • Design
    • Manufacturing
    • Packing & Securing
  • Client:

    Icon Superbike Manufacturer, UK