Ocean Rowing Case Study

Ocean Rowing Boats

Project Description

IEP and our sister company Tradefreight International www.tradefreight.co.uk have packed and shipped over 100 Ocean Rowing Boats and work closely with WoodVale Challenge, the premier organizers of ocean rowing events.

A full service package is offered for UK Origin boats from receiving boats at our Newark premises to the start point and from taking the boat ashore at the finishing point back to Newark for collection by rowers.

For boats originating from (and returning to) places outside of the UK and for which owners wish to engage Tradefreight for services covering all or any part of the carriage to the start and / or from the finish point; Owners should discuss and agree the entire transportation program with Tradefreight in order to ensure that a fully co-ordinated plan is made and so avoid problems that may incur significant unforeseen additional costs.

  • Skills:

    • Design
    • Manufacturing
    • Packing & Securing
    • Shipping
  • Client:

    Ocean Rowing Organization, UK