Research Development

At the very core of our strength , is the way IEP will review your logistics supply chain , with a particular view on the export packing of the equipment.

With years of experience , your company can benefit from IEP knowledge that is second to none.

We will review how you sell and manufacture your product , how we can advise and input new ideas into the production and ensure that we can optimise the shipping specification . The critical input we have often from design stage can mean the most economical method of packing and delivery.

Examples of Achievements

We can provide countless examples of how effective our input in helping shippers gain greater efficiency in logistics , we have selected a couple of real life studies to show how we work with our clients as a team player.

Turbine Engine Manufacturer

The objective was to ensure that the equipment could be supplied to a variety of destinations for display. The case would need double up as a display item , and allow our clients potential Customer to examine the product in a quality environment and also show how the item would be as supplied.

Once the item had been exhibited then , the case would be re bolted together and sent on to its next destination. The product had always reach the next destination in pristine condition as did the display case.

Our own client was extremely happy with the case and they felt that the display case enhanced their product and the resultant orders.

Mechanical Parts Supplier

Our customer required a case that could be used over and over, stackable and cost effective. Our R&D team put their heads together and developed a range of riveted ply cases.

Riveted ply cases are the perfect solution for those items that need to be in an easy to access box, which can be used over and over again. They are light weight which makes them perfect for airfreight, heat-treated which means they can be shipped to any country and more importantly, very cost effective.

You can open them over and over without having to pry out nails, flat-pack them for storage and even stack on top of them. We also make wooden riveted cases, for those heavier items you might need to put inside.

Featured Developments

It isn't just small cases that our R&D team work on; they also research and develop solutions for some of the largest shipments allowed to be transported on the road.

Our R&D team have solved some of the most difficult problems for the oil and gas industry, getting pipes weighing over 40tonnes packed in a way that even if the pipes were dropped, would maintain their packed positions without damage.

30tonne slitters which came with 40+ other consignments within one contract, minimised to fit inside almost half of the containers previous packing companies had used in the past. This cut the packing costs for our customer and made the whole shipping process 10 times easier.

Vehicles and motorbikes, aeroplanes and boats; IEP have a solution everything, all you have to do is give us the spec of your consignment and we will do the rest to make sure your shipping costs and risks are as low as possible.