Sump-Pump Motor

Motors for Submersible Pumps

Project Description

IEP have been packing sump pumps and motors for over 12 years, for a leading manufacturer here in the UK.

The motor to the left is lifted on to the base with one of our overhead cranes, bolted to the 3x3 base rails and sealed inside a foil barrier.

Each foil bag we use contains silica gel bags which help to reduce the moisture level inside the bag, preventing water damage.

Once the bag has been vacuumed the pump is further secured to the base by carefully placed timbers, crossing the width of the case on-top of the motors strongest points. These timbers help keep the motor from moving in transit and should the case be tipped upside down, will keep the motor firmly on the base.

Most of the motors and pumps we pack are sent abroad via sea freight, so we have to make sure that the contents inside our cases and containers are firmly secured.

  • Skills:

    • Design
    • Manufacturing
    • Packing & Securing
    • Shipping
  • Client:

    Leading Sump-Pump Manufacturer, UK