Sump-Pump Case Study


Project Description

We normally pack 2 sump-pumps to one case; however these pumps were going to different locations.

Our manufacturing team builds 3 legs per case, which are designed to support the base when being lifted by either a fork-truck or crane.

The pumps are positioned on top of the legs and blocked out by building blocks up on top of each other to create a cradle, this prevents the pumps from moving from side to side whilst in transit.

The pumps are then lifted again and lowered back down into a foil bag, each complete with silica gel bags to prevent any moisture damage.

Once the bags are sealed, timbers are secured across the case pressing down on the pumps. These timbers keep the pumps firmly on the legs and prevent any movement whilst in transit.

The cases are then finished off with grabs which prevent the case from being squashed and also allow for stacking.

  • Skills:

    • Design
    • Manufacturing
    • Packing & Securing
    • Shipping
  • Client:

    Leading Sump-Pump manufacturer, UK