Turbine Engine Case Study

Packing Turbine Engines

Project Description

Turbine engines are an essential part to any wind-farm and this is how we get them to their destination;

The engine is lifted on top of a foil ground-sheet, bolted down to a strong 4x3 rail/1x6 board base and then blocked out around the base of the engine.

The engine is then vacuum packed in an air tight foil bag, complete with silica gel bags, where it is then blocked out further with 3x3 lengths to hold the item down.

Once the case is complete it is packed inside a container by our own team and then shipped by our sister company, Trade Freight International.

  • Skills:

    • Design
    • Manufacturing
    • Packing & Securing
    • Shipping
  • Client:

    Leading Manufacturer within the re-useable energy industry, UK