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As we all began to plan our return to work, some of us had more work to do than others, for example Hilary.

As a rigger in the music industry Hilary spends most of her life on the road, which can lead to some very uncomfortable sleeping arrangements! As the idea that her industry may be on its way to re-opening flourished, Hilary came to the decision that she needed to upgrade her living quarters to something with a little more comfort and luxury. After mentioning to Andrew that she was in the market for a van to ‘do up’, Andrew pointed her in the direction of one of our fleet which was coming to retirement. After some careful consideration, on the 13th of May 2021, Hilary took our Van home to start its new journey as a camper van.

For the van to transform it had to lose the external stickers, and with a little help from a hair dryer and the sun, she was able to peel them back ready for a full clean and polish to remove any thing left behind.

Windows were added to give her a better view of the outside of the vehicle for safety, a job which she decided to outsource to a Van Bond based in Leicester. Not only do the windows allow extra light into the back of the van, but they also allow Hilary to view the exterior of the van prior to exiting.

The bulkhead was also removed to allow Hilary to move freely between the cab and living space, again this is an important safety feature as it means that she does not need to exit the vehicle if she does not need to. Once these modifications were made, she was able to add insulation and moisture barriers before the real customisation was able to begin.


The floor was boarded out and the roof cladded, giving it a lovely modern finish. LED lights were added around the perimeter, which are powered by a Jackery power bank. By choosing not to power the living quarters through the vans own battery, it meant that she can take full advantage of using a separate portable power source which can be recharged through mains or solar power.

A full size double bed frame was added using telescopic poles which a rested and secured on the walls of the van, allowing extra storage space underneath

Extra storage shelves have been added with a clever alternative to cabinet doors. A piece of cloth has been draped over and secured with broom handles to keep all items safe during transit.

While there are still bits and bobs she may continue to change, it is great to see one of our fleet start a new life.

Even in the downtime between festivals, Hilary still makes great use of the van as a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of life with a little wild camping or even as a place to hide away and read a good book with her pets.