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Despite the recent problems in the economy, road haulage in the UK is still big business and more than 60% of goods are still moved by road, compared with less than 10% by rail. So just why are the roads still the first choice for moving goods? What are the benefits of using road freight to transport your goods?

Rail haulage may initially look cheaper in costs, but moving freight by road is certainly more cost effective. The major points worth considering are:

Door-to-door delivery is a huge customer incentive. Customers don’t  want to have  to go to the trouble of travelling to a terminal to collect their goods, why would they when  when a lorry can deliver direct to their door! Forward thinking road freight companies can provide scheduled delivery days/time and next day delivery services, so the goods can be delivered at a time convenient to the customer, not the haulage company.

More economical
Road freight is much a more logical and economical solution for moving goods than other methods if the delivery area is within a relatively short distance of the supplier’s location.

Delivery speed
Road haulage offers the speed, versatility and flexibility required to transport perishable goods, such as fruit, vegetables and flowers, that need to be delivered quickly and daily to shops and supermarkets.

To enable the monitoring of the exact location of goods and calculate accurate delivery time, many road freight loads are often under driver control throughout the journey. A single driver may be responsible for the goods from point of loading to point of delivery, this makes it easier to communicate with the driver and to track progress of the consignment.

Packaging and handling costs
By loading goods directly onto closed vehicles it can remain there until delivery. The need for  transfer of freight between different transportation methods is not necessary resulting in the packaging requirements and handling costs being reduced.

Road freight has the flexibility and versatility required to meet the demands of constant changes; to collection and/or delivery points, and even to the route that the freight will take. One disadvantage to road haulage that is often suggested is that it is subjected to traffic delays and  although True, it also has the ability to work around any delays and find  alternative routes quickly and easily.

Weather conditions can affect all methods of transport and delays caused by bad weather are a problem for the freight industry as a whole, not just road fright. However, this is something that no one has control over!

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