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We’ve put together just some of our shipping/exporting frequently asked questions, if you cannot find the answer you require please call our friendly, professional team on +441636 610666 or email


Wooden shipping cases and crates. Anything-Anywhere.

Wooden shipping cases and crates. Anything-Anywhere.

  1. What is the difference between a packing crate and a packing case ?
    Packing cases or boxes (they are the same) are solid on all sides. It surrounds the contents with timber cladding and is fully secure. Packing crates have slatted sides and top and solid base, leaving the contents fully visible. Most suitable for facilitating customs inspections, reducing the need for re-packaging after a thorough investigation!
  2. Can I use my own boxes / packaging? Due to regulations for shipping and freight, your packing may not step up to the standards for customs etc,  we can take care of all your packing needs, nothing is too big or too small.
  3. I have bought a large item from an auction, can you pack and send it to me ?
    Yes, we can send auction items to any destination in the UK or abroad.
  4. I have sold an item on Ebay can you package and deliver it ?
    Yes we can send Ebay items anywhere in the world whether it be ice to Iceland or sand to the Sahara desert we can deliver anything-anywhere
  5. Our company exports delicate components overseas can you help ?
    We can send virtually any item to any destination; see the blog Packing, shipping and exporting to the Antarctica – Halley VI Research centre
  6. We intend to relocate overseas can you package large and expensive items ? We have moved complete factories from the UK to Brazil and can provide all your moving and removal packaging services.
  7. I don’t know how to satisfy ISPM 15 customs requirements, can you help ?
    We can fulfill all your ISPM 15 customs export requirements, let us take the strain.
  8. Are your materials from renewable sources and do they comply with ISPM 15 regulations ?
    Wherever possible we obtain our timber from renewable sources and it is treated to ISPM15 standards. All our packaging is recyclable.
  9. Does size matter !?
    No size doesn’t matter! We package and ship anything from liqueur bottles to complete factories.
  10. Where would I get a container ?
    Don’t panic, we have our own shipping containers can even arrange for the use of a container on your behalf.
  11. Can you package antiques and fine art ?
    Yes we can package large, awkward, delicate and valuable items, we will arrange all transport and insurance.
  12. Is there a limit to the number of items I can send?
    No, we send anything from a Jiffy bag to a full 40′ container.
  13. Who insures my goods while they are being shipped?We can arrange and  insure your item’s or help you to insure them.
  14. What classifies as dangerous cargo? Explosives, Gases, Flammable liquids, Flammable solids, Oxidising substances, Toxic /Infectious substances, Radioactive material, Corrosive substances, Miscellaneous / dangerous goods and materials.


We have put together a list of useful contacts for shipping and exporting from the UK to anywhere in the World.