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The Icon F1 is no stranger to us, International Export Packers regularly take this awesome race car to and from racetracks, festivals & meets across Europe. Transporting the Icon F1 car is a exclusive job for us as most of the staff here are keen F1 fans and appreciate just how awesome this car really is.

It’s the only fully operational, V12 Lamborghini-engined Formula One car in the world. The Lotus type 102 was built for the 1990 F1 season. It is an exciting combination of two great marques, Lotus and Lamborghini. The engine is a 3.5 litre 80 degree 48 valve V12 which gave the race team a competitive 650+ bhp. The gearbox is a 6 speed (+ reverse) transverse unit designed by Team Lotus and incorporating Lamborghini internals.

Designed under the technical direction of Frank Dernie the 102 represents about 150,000 hours of research, wind tunnel, continuous engineering and design time from concept to racing car. Since 1990 the car has been kept by the team, preserved within the Works Collection by Classic Team Lotus. This car is extremely rare and has been with the Lotus factory for twenty years. Now, after a full rebuild by the original team who designed and built the car, she is again running in the same form as she did in the 1990 season.

Icon F1 Ltd struck a deal with Clive Chapman, son of Lotus founder Colin Chapman, to buy the Lotus 102.

The car had been kept in storage at the factory for all those years and Classic Team Lotus was looking for someone able to buy it and drive it properly, partly as a show car to demonstrate the Lotus history in Formula One. As part of the deal, Classic Team Lotus agreed to supply a pit crew to attend events.  Still today, some of the original mechanics who worked on the cars being raced by drivers such as Mansell, Senna, Johnny Herbert and Derek Warwick back in the day now look after the Lotus 102.

The car is in pristine condition, and available to run demo laps. The car is simply breathtaking and has been invited to some of the Worlds premier motoring events including the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Cholmondeley pageant of Power to name just a few. Get in touch with Icon F1 or visit the official website to learn more .


Take a look at  Martin Donnelly racing the Icon F1.


Here are just a few quotes from spectators.

“Real F1”

“B!%dy hell that’s ferociously quick”

“As a former driver i can tell you that from watching this the guy could well drive – his technique is quite Senna-esque – that alone requires one to be highly refined as a driver.”


Derek Warwick racing the Lotus 102 Lamborghini V12

Feedback from You tube spectators:-

“back then driving the vehicle was pilot 90% car 10% nowadays is car 90% pilot 10%”


“Could shut my eyes and go to sleep with that soundtrack from the Lambo F1 V12. Perfection :)”