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The UK HGV Driver shortage has been steadily getting more serious over the last few years, however, this has been made significantly worse with the uncertain Brexit position we have in the UK. European Drivers, who the UK haulage industry have relied on for a decade, are not sure they will be allowed to stay or for how long with confusion over Government Proposed future Employment Laws.

In addition to this, the UK pound has been steadily losing against the Euro, the difference between the income being received has decreased by more than 10% in real terms.

Having just returned from a Business Trip to Bulgaria, our MD Andrew Morriss says “It’s obvious that businesses are relocating to other areas within Europe and the UK is not being considered a viable option for some organisations.

Finally, we are at the end of the day, an Island who import more than we export, so distribution is vital.

When asked his opinion Andrew says “My view is that this situation will as a minimum, worsen over the coming years, particularly the next twenty-four months as Brexit negotiations continue.

So what can the industry do to improve the situation? AT the moment there seems to be a great deal of breath-holding and a “wait and see” attitude as regards the election and Brexit. Over the next few years, we will need to embark on a serious recruitment programme and ensure that we encourage a new generation of drivers. We hope that technological advances will make life safer for the driver and the environment, which in turn will again be an incentive for new drivers to come on board. More needs to be done to improve road safety and comfort, especially for long-distance drivers.

If you’d like to know more about export deliveries or are interested in becoming a diver, please contact us.