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How often do you see the adverts on TV for the charities working both here in the UK and abroad and skipped past them or rolled your eyes thinking if I gave you £10 a month etc how much of that would get to the cause? That is what Clare Tewson thought each month as she sponsored a child in Uganda. The only way she could find out for sure was to become a trustee of the charity and dig deeper in to where the funds were going.

It shocked Clare to see that her donation was not being spent as it should and that too much of this was going to admin and other costs so the sponsored child was not benefitting as they should have.  Clare decided that it was not good enough and wanted all of her sponsorship to go to the child she sponsored so over the COVID lockdown in 2020 Clare and her children spent their time in confinement researching and setting up a charity of their own that would ensure all the funds provided by the sponsors went to aid the child and their family this was the start of Forever Foundation UK.


In less than two years, Clare and her team have touched the lives of hundreds, they have fed more than 100 families equating to over 500 people.

The charity has built and rehabilitated more than ten houses and provided mattresses, waterproof coverings and mosquito nets to more than 100 children who’s sleeping conditions were appalling.  As well as clothes and shoes for the sponsored children and their families.

The provision of sanitary water was a huge achievement for the Forever Foundation. This was to ensure that a whole village whose water source was dirty and contaminated from ponds, are now getting clean and safe water from a bore hole without travelling long distances. The Forever Foundation would like to repeat this process and provide another bore hole to help more families.

All of this information can be found on the website for the Charity  along with lots more information about who they are and what they do.

Now for our part, we at the International Logistics Centre family are looking to help the Forever Foundation to raise funds for an additional bore hole, continue with the building of an orphanage and sending over much needed supplies of medical equipment, beds, and school supplies.  We are also sending over beloved MD Andrew Morris for 2 weeks in September to help Clare to check up on the sponsored families as well as distribute supplies and offer some manual labour assistance.


Whilst the team are in the area, they are holding 2 health clinic days, these health clinics are intended for anyone in the area, they do not have to be from a sponsored family to receiving medical treatment and support.  These clinics cost the foundation £1200 a day to run.

Andrew was keen to learn more about the charity once becoming aware of what they had accomplished and what their ambitions were, he is looking forward to rolling up his sleeves and getting involved with the Forever Foundation team. Andrew having already travelled to Most of Asia, including the last remaining Sumatran forests, South Africa, Mali, Mauritania and the Congo jungle previously.

Andrew is the Director of several logistics businesses, who are involved in export packing and shipping worldwide. The `model` International Logistics Centre in Nottinghamshire combines the industrial side of the business in harmony with nature. We are working in partnership with the Carbon trust and the 10-acre site has many innovative features combining nature and the commercial activities. For example, many of the physical security barriers are very large planters for a variety of plants and fauna. The physical export packing area is also segregated by another design of very large planters which clearly delineate the public area from the production area.  9 years ago, the business decided to allow 1.5-acre area to go wild, now it’s full of self-setting bushes, trees, flowers and an abundance of birds and wildlife. We have for 6 years grown our own sustainable Farndon honey which is harvested by a local Beekeeper and produces around 1000 litres per annum. Its therefore very important that in Uganda we must protect the nature and wildlife within the Forever Foundation community. With tree harvesting, we must ensure its sustainable, renewable and our community will be reminded and educated into the importance of nature and wildlife and what can be done to help the community and ensure we do our bit for global warming. With only 600 Mountain gorilla’s left in the wild, 300 of these are in Uganda where it’s vital the forests are kept in pristine condition. The ethos of our International Logistics project with the UK`s Carbon trust will continue into this Ugandan project along with education on resources, where particularly food sources are always in short supply plus maintaining a healthy community includes education on population and the ability for every family to feed each new child that is born.

How can you help?

We are arranging for a container to shipped over to Uganda and we need to fill this with with your help, if you can donate any of the following into our depot at Newark that would be amazing:

  • medical equipment, crutches, cabinet with lock for equipment, supplies, bandages, antiseptic wipes, etc
  • hospital beds, hospital cots
  • sports equipment- balls, nets, cones, bats Trampoline with net etc.
  • cots, children’s beds, furniture for children’s bedrooms, baby equipment, highchairs, toys
  • Desks and chairs for the school
  • Books, pens and other school equipment.
  • kitchen utensils, household furniture
  • farming utensils
  • clothing and footwear for children and adults both warm and cool weather
  • toiletries and sanitary products
  • solar panels
  • etc etc

We also have a JustGiving page set up for any donations to assist in the building projects of the bore hole and orphanage as well as the running of the health clinics.

If you are able to help in anyway please donate here