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Our story begins in a far off Land!

The inhabitants of these Lands were in desperate need of a new hospital; so the Governing Body sent out messengers far and wide to find a hero that could help them.

As fortune would have it, there was a building company already working on other long term projects close by; and when they heard of the peoples plight they were only too happy to offer their expertise.

People across the Land rejoiced at knowing they would soon be getting a new hospital.

The heroic building company that had accepted this great task began planning and development right away and although all those involved knew challenging times lay ahead they were not perturbed.

The great building company enlisted the help of one their longest and most trusted allies; International Export Packers Ltd!

IEP would arrange for the materials needed for the hospital to be Export Packed ready for the mammoth shipping journey that lay ahead.

Most of the materials required would be consolidated, loaded and secured into shipping containers. However, there was one crucial item that was far too big for any shipping container and that item was “The Kingspan Tank” which formed part of Sewage Treatment Plant.

The great folks at International Export Packers toiled long and hard to ensure the colossal Tank was fit for the voyage ahead.

Then, finally, the day arrived.

The great Crate which secured The Tank within, was hoisted high in to the air, with two great big, powerful overhead cranes and loaded on to a transport vessel.

There was much rejoicing as The Tank slowly made it’s way out IEP’s yard and headed into the sunset where, it’s most epic adventure was only just beginning……