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International Export Packers

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International Export Packers

You’d probably be quite surprised at some of the things that we can package. Did you know for instance that:-

  • All of our packing is made to measure
  • Bespoke packaging is our speciality
  • We have an onsite carpentry workshop to make packing cases
  • Nothing is too big (unless it won’t meet safety regulations) or too small
  • We pack for land, air & sea

We also provide a link to freight companies. So should you consider sending equipment, personal items or entire houses abroad, we can find you the best company to deliver it safely. We will liaise with international shipping companies on your behalf which saves you time, enables you to trust that it’s in safe hands and can save you VAT! It means that you only have one point of contact, which we endeavour to always keep the same for you, this way you don’t have to repeat yourself to various members of the team and we can update you straight away on how your order is progressing.

We have undertaken many unusual deliveries from antiques to turbines and family heirlooms to family homes.

If you have an item that requires packing and safe handling, please contact us.