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International Export Packers

How your goods get to their destination can depend entirely on how well they’re packed. Therefore, it’s imperative that you use a company that is skilled in export packing knowledge, without this, a very small percentage of goods will make it to their destination intact. Once your goods leave your hands there are so many hazards that you may not be aware of, even on local journies. Here at Export Packers we know the dangers your item may face and we’re always prepared.

Obviously, the farther you are sending your item the higher risk of damage. This is due to the number of different people likely to be handling the good. If inadequately packed the risk of damage is dramatically increased; which will impact your company’s both financially and in terms of your reputation.

Reducing Risk

There is never one packaging method fits all approach. Depending on how the item is travelling (land, sea or air) will determine the correct type of packaging required. Because all of our packaging is made in house, we can ensure that all of the necessary requirements are in place – this may be as simple as being prepared for moisture whilst at sea. Safety regulations and specific requirements of individual clients and countries also have to be considered and adhered to.

Having Specialist Knowledge

Every job and every customer has an individual requirement and one for which we create a specialist packing crate.

Our warehouse staff has many years of experience and we are specialists in creating the right packing no matter the shape or size of the item. We will also ensure that the item can make the journey safely and meet all national and international guidelines.

Our facilities are some of the best in the UK, with multiple cranes with up to 50 tonne capacity and heavy fork lift trucks in operation.

We can pack the smallest and most delicate of items to the heaviest and largest of loads allowed to move.   We don’t expect our clients to understand all of the regulations and so we often provide the solutions in a way that makes it more economical and reduce emissions.

Working with the Environment

It is so important today to ensure that we protect the environment and so we pride ourselves on working to Reduce, Re-Use and Re-Cycle.  Where appropriate, all our materials are obtained from renewable sources.